Privacy Policy

Protecting the data you share with us during your visits to the FABRİKA YAPIM website or mobile applications as a visitor or user/customer is important to us. Therefore, we have prepared this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) for you.

FABRİKA YAPIM may record your non-sensitive personal data, such as your name, surname, date of birth, address, phone number, IP number, and email address, through its website and mobile applications to provide better services and products to our customers, recognize you, and communicate better. When you visit our website or digital applications as a visitor, your IP address, location, and the date and time of your access to the site are logged. This information is used to analyze the use of portals and to analyze the needs of our users and is not shared with third parties. The IP information of our website or mobile application visitors is not used to identify them, but we may analyze this data.

Confidential information, including your personal data, is not transferred to or shared with third parties outside the purposes and scope specified in this Policy.

1. Personal Data You Share with Us

While using our website and mobile applications, you share your personal data with us both as a visitor and when you become a member of our digital platforms.

1.1. Personal Data You Provide

Not limited to the following, you share your personal information such as your name, surname, email address, home and mobile phone numbers, and home address with FABRİKA YAPIM when you become a member, contact customer service, or use any of our products or services.

1.2. Automatically Collected Personal Data

We automatically collect data such as the products and services you use, your interactions with our advertisements, information and data about the devices you use, the frequency of your product and service usage, viewing history, category preferences, product preferences, the content, time, and call records of your communications with our customer service, and the number information or date of the calling phone; browser and log information collected through cookies, and similar data through cookies as specified in Article 6 of this Policy or through other programs and software.

2. Purposes for Using Your Personal Data

Sharing your personal information with us allows us to offer you a range of opportunities. Sharing your information enables us to provide you with the necessary products and services, conduct market research to develop better products, offer more responsive services to our customers, and improve our websites. Your shared or automatically collected data will be used, but not limited to, the following purposes:

• To communicate with you about our products and services, inform you about our campaigns, provide you with options according to your preferences and likes, conduct and deliver customer satisfaction surveys, provide technical support in case of technical infrastructure problems, share updates and product recommendations about the products you watch;

• To analyze viewer and customer experience to improve and develop our products and services, and to increase the variety of content and products;

• To take technical and legal measures related to our products and services (e.g., preventing the sharing of illegal content);

• To determine your geographic location and provide content or related advertising and services according to your region or country, respond quickly to your needs, offer solutions, facilitate your orders and payments;

2.1. Data Shared When You Become a Member of Our Website or Digital Platforms

You can become a member of FABRİKA YAPIM’s digital platforms by filling out a form for our products and services. Your membership to FABRİKA YAPIM’s digital platforms begins when you accept the membership agreement and terms of use. You can choose to share your information with us through various online means such as placing an order for a product, participating in surveys to measure and determine user experience, recording a purchase, joining a promotion, or subscribing to an electronic newsletter. You can also share your personal information with us by sending back the customer satisfaction survey that comes with the product you purchased, or by contacting one of our customer service representatives via email, phone, or mail. Sometimes, we may obtain your personal information from third parties outside of FABRİKA YAPIM. In cases where you have given explicit consent for the transfer of your personal data between our Group companies, or in the event of an acquisition of a company you are a customer of, we may use or process your personal information collected by one of our Group companies.

If you do not want us to use your personal information that you have not personally provided, you can contact us via the FABRİKA YAPIM address. In this case, issues related to the activation of your membership or situations where you cannot benefit from the advantages you gain or will gain as a member may arise.

2.2. Data Shared When You Visit Our Website or Digital Platforms as a Visitor

When you visit our website or digital platforms without becoming a member, we may collect information about your online behavior (such as the number of clicks, frequency of opening tabs, or topics of interest), your IP address, and information about the device you use. We may collect this information for analysis and statistical purposes only, without enabling the identification of individuals.

3. Sharing Data

Your personal information may be transferred to FABRİKA YAPIM and the real or legal persons it collaborates with, limited to the provision of products and services, and you may be contacted about our special product options or offers. If you do not want personalized opportunities or information to be sent to you, you can inform us by checking the relevant box on the registration form or response card.

As FABRİKA YAPIM, we may use your personal information to determine customer profiles and conduct statistical studies, and we may share it only for the purpose of conducting these studies with the real or legal persons we collaborate with. We collect information and data about your frequency or manner of using our website through cookies. You can stop this information sharing at any time by changing your browser settings. For more detailed information, please review Article 6 of this Policy.

3.1. Sharing Personal Data with Collaborating Real or Legal Persons

As FABRİKA YAPIM, we may jointly sell a product or provide a service with the real or legal persons we collaborate with. In such cases, you will be informed in advance about the existence of such a partnership and the identity of our partner before you register with us through an application form, card, etc.

FABRİKA YAPIM does not sell or share your personal information with third parties to allow them to use it for their own purposes. As FABRİKA YAPIM, except in cases limited to those mentioned and those required by law, order processing, invoice processing, or preventing or combating fraud, we do not share your financial information (such as credit card information) with others.

4. Links to Third-Party Websites or Mobile Applications Provided by Our Website or Mobile Applications

We may provide links to third-party websites, portals, or mobile applications on our website or mobile applications. However, we are not responsible for the application of the privacy policies on these sites or for third parties. The privacy policies within the scope of the websites or mobile applications of persons other than FABRİKA YAPIM may differ from this Policy.

5. Protecting the Confidentiality of Information You Share with Us

We are aware of our responsibility to protect the information you entrust to us. We take measures to keep the personal data you share with us confidential, to treat them as trade secrets, and to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of your confidential information to third parties or the public.

5.1. Security

As FABRİKA YAPIM, we take the widest and most appropriate preventive security measures to protect your information, including personal data, with secure databases, servers, security software, and encrypting email information in light of current technological developments. Despite our security measures, we are not responsible for damages, changes, copying, etc., to data resulting from cyber attacks on the websites or systems of FABRİKA YAPIM or the real or legal persons we collaborate with. However, we may use backup, archiving, and appropriate storage methods to recover data.

6. Cookies

The Cookies within the scope of this Policy apply to the websites and mobile platforms operated by FABRİKA YAPIM, third-party programs, or the platforms accessed through websites.

A cookie is a small piece of data placed on devices (computers, phones, tablets) to ensure the proper functioning of a website, improve user experience, develop and optimize the site, offer more suitable, interest-based advertising, and provide visitors with an engaging and personalized website/application and advertising portfolio.

Cookies may appear in different types according to different classification methods. Session cookies are temporary cookies stored on your devices until you leave the website. Persistent cookies are cookies that remain on your device’s hard drive for extended periods.

Mandatory cookies ensure the proper functioning of the website and allow users to navigate and use the site’s features. Mandatory cookies are anonymous.

Functional and analytical cookies include data that remembers your preferences, ensures the effective use of the website, optimizes the site to respond to user requests, and contains data on how visitors use the site. These types of cookies may include personal information such as usernames.

Commercial cookies are used to offer you targeted products/content similar to those of interest and to provide a more advanced, personalized advertising portfolio to enhance your usage experience.

The storage period for the aforementioned session, persistent, functional and analytical, and commercial cookies is approximately 2 (two) months, and you can make the necessary adjustments from your internet browser settings. Disabling cookies may vary depending on the internet browser.

As FABRİKA YAPIM, we work with third-party reliable and recognized advertising providers on our websites/mobile applications/mobile internet sites. Third-party service providers place their own cookies to offer you personalized ads. Cookies placed by third parties collect, process, and analyze navigation information of our visitors on the websites.

By using FABRİKA YAPIM websites/mobile applications/mobile internet sites, you consent to the use of cookies and the processing of the data collected by the aforementioned cookies for the purposes and within the scope specified in this Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy.

7. Children

We do not knowingly process the data of individuals under the age of 18. At FABRİKA YAPIM, we are aware of the sensitivity of your children’s personal data and take the utmost care to protect this data, including in collaboration with the legal and natural persons we work with across all our departments. It is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian to share your child’s personal data with us. You can contact us through the FABRİKA YAPIM address regarding your child’s personal data, including data shared without parental consent.

We recommend that parents actively supervise their children’s online activities.

8. Changes to the Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy

We may make changes to this Policy as necessary. These changes will be effective immediately after the updated Policy is published on the website. You will be informed of any changes. If you continue to use our services, it will mean that you accept the changes to the Policy.